Google Art Project

Google has launched Google Art Project. The Project shows 17 of the most prestigious European and American museums. Visitors have a 360-degree view of galleries. A great option is zooming in and out a choice painting. It can get you close enough to see an artist’s brushstrokes. Meanwhile, you can choose to listen to a curator talk from the features. The website is user-friendly and takes only a few minutes to sign in.
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Works of art have long left the realm of classical museums. The whole body of reproductions like engravings of canvases and hand-made replicas of great masters, plaster casts of famous sculptures, models of architecture, the photographic images of the upper etc. have a life of their own.
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newspeak: british art now in saachi gallery

Transforming boldly on big canvas. Collages provoke thinking. Grand intellectual experience where you can lose your bearings. Experiments with subjects, concepts, media, space.
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News for Gauguin at the Tate Modern

Gauguin is in London for the first time in over 50 years. The exhibition features over 100 works from both public and private collections.
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