newspeak: british art now in saachi gallery

­Transforming boldly on big canvas. Collages provoke thinking. Grand intellectual experience where you can lose your bearings. Experiments with subjects, concepts, media, space. Beauty doesn’t exist. Ordinary objects and images are taken out of usual context and through extreme displacement are given new meanings which affect powerfully the mental state of the viewer. Art works are used to trigger off deep emotions. A result of unexpected connections that the viewers’ brain is not accustomed to or has not thought of before. Perceiving these works is a mental take-off. Spontaneous and shocking rendering shatters the routine and banal world. It’s a review of every aspect of normal perception. Shreds of everyday life vitalized by brave authors’ decisions suggest how absurd life is and it doesn’t matter how hard we try to ignore the fact it still has its tight grip on us. All modern art extravagances, spoofs and charades come to help modern people bear their mediocrity.

Iva Stork